Sunday, March 16, 2008

What a Long Overdue Post!

Yes, I am still alive and this blog too. I know, long overdue. Well, just to stamp here that this is the first night editing, blog hopping and whatever else at night time I did for like how long already. First night time for 2008.

Well, all this thanks to my family. They all are asleep now and I just finish watching Liverpool beat Reading 2-1. Coollllllll. Hahahahahaha.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Morning Story!

OK, I got excited today even though I'm in the office. I started well by doing the previous review of which I don't know where that motivation came from. I know one thing for sure, my mother's and sister's birthday really gave me the boost to talk more about the beauty of being alive.

Alive in a sense that I can still smile, do the boss's assignments, Monday what do you expect from a working Papa here; And still be able to do a little bit of Internet money. Please advertisers, choose my blog for great reviews. My English is not that good but I can honestly say, I try my best and I do give positive comment. Anything not good I will only keep it to myself, how's that? :D

OK, enough of that. Boss call and I need to stop this blogging thing till, hmm.. the next hour only. Haha.

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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Mama and Sister Flo!

Yeah, today is quite special because today 1st March 2008 is a birthday to my Mommy aka Mama aka Ibu AND ALSO my younger sweet sister Flora. Yeah, they both born at the same date except the year of course. Hahaha. Pandai juga Mama saya ya. Hahaha.

So semoga panjang umur, long live my mother who is now already 65 years old and my sister who is already hmm .... how old ah? Wait ... hmmm ... 35 yrs old!!! Waaahhhh. I have a younger sister who is no longer young?? Hahahaha. Don't get mad sis. I love you still. Hahaha.

Oklah, since no picture of them with cake, I just take this cake from the above address. For the coolest people in my life other than my wife of course ;) Here two cakes on top of each other. Love you two and Happy Birthday. Hooraaayyy ... nanti belanja saya ok Sis :P

Down again!?!

Server down again?!?! Come on pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee. This is beginning to iritate me more than anything else. Server down. Server hang. Server Hiccup. You name it. Getting bored with all this thing, right.

So how lah? Need urgent rectification. Is that the word for correction? Whatever it is. I am not happy. So here I am, cursing as usual my server down upside down. I hope after I click the 'publish post', everything will be back as usual, like yesterday, Tension and Stress. Server Down!