Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Hello World!

Hi there? This is another attempt to make a blog useful to my need. I dont know what to say here. Whether you all like it or not, I just gonna talk and talk until i got tired!

My 1st post at blogspot is not that encouraging. Im tired and im just waiting for my real domain to be approved. So relax everyone. fasten your seat belt, we gonna rock and roll.

Nay, just kidding. im signing off now!


Kris said...

i just wanted to say it would be nice to see you start a daily photo for KK, since i havent been there myself. what say you? ;)

of course not obligated ..hehe

Papa Joneh said...

thanks for commenting Kris. I thought no one gonna come here. I've got my own domain name already. Here at PapaJoneh.com

See ya. Love ya picture.