Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Frustrated Again!

Ya.. really frustrating I can't fully access my admin. When I do, to upload picture is like forever. Man, this is not good.

What should I do? If anyone care to comment or advice me, please do leave a comment. I am talking at my main blog at

Frust. Really upset now. :(

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Good News

Well some good news here. I can browse, comment others blog already. Happy? A bit coz now I know little bit the outside world. Really really happy? Nope, coz I still can't access my Admin in my main blogs.. so my real blog is still no update. Sigh.

Office is so boring!

Yes, Office environment is so boring right now. I am facing one of this big plasma 42" TV with Astro Channel 555 but my mind is elsewhere.

I can't even browse others blog. Funny, the only place i can visit is and his other sites. It seems that his the only blog that meant to be commented by me. I know cannot be right? Well, I have nothing to hide. And still the office is so boring without Internet. I hope I'm at home now using my Wireless streamyx.. much better.

Oh well.. thats all for now.

Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm hungry!

Since I'm here, might as well jot whatever in my mind or shall I say, whatever NOT in my stomach. Hahaha. Sorry bad English.

Okay, just wanna tell this blog,
  1. I'm really hungry at 2:45pm now
  2. I'm frustrated I can't access my main blog - server in USA
  3. I'm still hungry cos I'm still typing here
  4. I have enough only to eat simple lunch
  5. I miss my kids and wife
  6. Enough - I need to stop here.
  7. Hungry like a lion. I can eat you if you offer me freely!!!!

So Many Wishes!!

Oh man!! This is long long time overdue. It is already year 2009. This blog missed the Christmas celebration, Happy New Year and many more. So sorry loh. I am still Alive though :D

You're of course the reliable one here. Sorry for abandoning you. My main blog's server seems to block me from accessing it. All my stories, all what I wanted to share gone with the wind of change. Fed up yes I am.

So here I am again bursting out my frustration ... and I am out of words.

Maybe next time again. Sigh.