Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Christmas mood!

Kekeke... check my modified header.. it is that Christmas mood again. I never been a creative person. I just paste all the Christmas icons there. I wish I have the slightest skill like Cindy has.. but oh well, nevermind. I know I have that mood now and I really can't wait for the Christmas to come. I know we going to enjoy it and Celeberate even better than last year. Simply because my twins will be there and I am sure going to take lots of picture.

Now, if I can wish for snow on that time.. it would be nice. Thanks Lord. Amen.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Friday Off Day turn Sick Day

Last Friday was My off day and was not that good day for me. I fall sick, real bad sick. It actually happened the night before but as usual I just ignored it. Well, the sickness won't let me go. It is a very very bad cough and flu. It is dry and it really hurt my throat.

After sending wife to office and kids to the nanny, I went straight to the office. Not for work but to ask for the medical chit. Yes, I need that if I want free clinic bill. I went to the nearby Nosoob Hilltop Clinic. I was the first customer so there was no waiting. I thought I would be ok but no. End up Doctor said I have bad dry throat, cough, fever and flu. He gave me the full medicines. Damn. I hate taking pills and especially the cough syrup but I have to.

I forced myself to take the whole pills as instructed, all with the kids in mind. If I am sick no one can take care of them and wife will be all alone and that is not good. So I have to get rid this sickness as fast as possible.

With the whole day of Friday, I was on the bed, yes really on the bed starting at 10am, under the blanket right till 4:30pm when wife call to ask me whether I would be ok to fetch her. I said Yes, Ok. End up, I fell asleep again till 5pm! Lucky I already put my handphone alarm on. Man, I quickly sprang up from the bed, wash my face and off to get my wife.

To cut short, the whole Friday is a no good day for me and of course to the whole Joneh's Family. We all sick.. yes wife too afterward. :(

Middle of the month financial woes!

Oh well, it is that middle of the month again. Yes, it is that time again where you wish your money were longer than the month. I guess that is quite a norm when you have a family to feed. I think so because it is no longer one mouth but many mouths to satisfy. Now, tell me, are you not glad that you have smaller number of family members. I do.

Therefore, what are you going to do when the need arise? Are you going to grab your credit card again and max it like what you did last month? Alternatively, are you tempted for the fast loan that you see available online? For your sake, I hope it is not the matter of life and death.

Whatever it is, be glad that there is a company out there that can help you and me in our financial woes. Yes, Same Day Cash is the only company that can actually transferred the loan into your account in a matter of an hour and you will not be charged for any administration charge. You will know exactly how much you will pay upfront with no hidden agenda. How cool is that? ;)

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Just that feeling inside me

Ever since my main blog been downranked by the BigG, I found that I'm getting busier than ever. The opportunity is definitely not getting lower, in fact, is more than I can chew. No complain there actually.

With the new RealRank system introduced by the three Ps, I think the future of making money from this Three P's company is brighter than ever. Even with a mere $5 but if you can grab them 3 offers, not bad at all. Combine with other making money companies out there.. it should be enough. In fact, if you're consistent, the payout is more than your day-to-day payday job salary.

However, it is no easy ride. You got to stay up, stay online till late or wake up early to get the better payout opp / task / assignments. That is exactly how I did it. Of course, all this time, in between helping my wife taking care the kids and feeding them milk.

So just imagine, with all those things needed... I said needed, I definitely have no time for a sleep. To be honest, sometimes I fall asleep on my laptop.. and it is still online and still holding the task. Waiting for my post. Hahaha.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I'm still alive, you know!

Well, I have been busy. To those readers who frequent my main blog, The Little Knowledge blog, Sorry for no updates. In fact, I have nothing to share after everything gone when I clicked the "publish" button.

When the connection is no good, the idea is also gone with the wind. This month as a starter already no good for me so I intend to do some other projects to keep me busy. Making money online is no longer easy for a guy who depends a lot on the PR. So I have been here and there to look for better opportunity. This also means, no time to update my main blog and of course no time to visit all my friends' blogs. Now that is sad, real sad because I think some of them probably thought I hate them already for not visiting. I just wish you all understand my situation.

I am sad, not feeling well and in the same time really working hard on other things. I need to feed my family by hook or by crook. I have a lot of delayed posting, i just hope all of them can be posted on the main blog when the time comes. I'm sure some of you not even missed me :(

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Everything slow - so how to blog!?!

Damn slow but somehow here faster than ever. Why is it like that? I am confused and I can't say much. Occasional hiccup become quite frequent now. To mark the time from 11am till now. There done.

Updates on previous days will be posted later after I go kick some dustbins and release my tension on the counterstrike. Time to kill, bomb, snipe the enemy. Go go Counter Terrorist.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

What! Another server Problem!?@!

Aiiiyooohhhh.... not again. Please lah. Come on. Not again my main Little Knowledge server down on all my blogs. Is not that enough that Google down ranked my PR4 to PR2 and now this. Stamping the time at 6:18pm server down and still down until now!

update: Still down at 8:18pm!

OK, that is all enough for me to look for other server. I warned you back at my 2nd or probably 3rd time down and now I'm fulling my own words on that. New server.

Man, bad luck all around me this month. Must be bad fengshui or what. Damn it. :(

Google hit my main domain!

I don't know about this Google thing. I just don't understand that they keep down ranking others blog without telling why. If they said I'm on text link ad.. Well, never alright. I just do not understand how they judge the ranking. If doing paid posting is against their criteria of proper PR4 that they have been given to my Little Knowledge for so long... well please tell us so. You might as well, down rank all the paid posting company. Do you google? No! It is just unfair.

Honestly, I care about my PR because it affected my paid posting payout amount. But do I stop blogging for money? Hell no! There are many choices I can go to that need no PR qualification. However, it is still annoying that you give and you take and then you give again. Must be something wrong in your system. Some genius hacker got into the system and play the mess out of us all.

And what a timing! You did it on my twins 3 months old day! Nice!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Bad luck or suei, you name it lah!

Last night must be my bad luck . I accidentally thrown the hot water flask onto my right leg. the damn busket handle holding two of the hot water flasks slipped from my hand and directly one of the china made flask fell on straight on my right leg and guess what.. broke the head off!!

I have no picture of it because my mom who happened to be around immediately thrown it away so my Josh would not step on the bits and pieces of it. I was like jumping , hopping here and there in painful agony. Man, it really hurt. In fact it is still hurt right up to now, as at typing.

It was so hot I thought I lost my leg already. Mom advised to submerge my leg in the basin. So I was like this for half and hour. All this while my son Josh keep asking me, "Papa sakit? (Papa hurt)" I could not even response. All I asked my wife is to get the camera! Ha-ha.

I have a poor camera skill, you probably did not notice that it was actually all red near the toes. The feeling, aiiiyoooohhhhh.. its like thousands of red ants biting me from inside. So damn painful.

Here, my son Josh try to understand what I am doing with my leg inside the cold water. he stayed with me like this for sold 10 minutes. He is such a friend. I love you Josh. Thanks for doing that.

Well, I was like this the whole night with one leg inside the what do you call that, water basin and one leg on the bed. Yes, I sleep at this state for the whole night till morning. Even with that cold water and inside our cold full blast aircon, my right leg is still feeling hot. Yes, I did put the necessary oil to soothe the skin there. So far, I can drive my mother and sister to the airport as posted angrily working on public holiday posting in my main domain.

The feeling of burn is still there and luckily my leg survived. Thank GOD. Please no more of bad luck today. :(

Working on Public Holiday AGAIN!

I hate working on Public Holiday!

Yes, I am typing to show my frustration that I am working again on supposed to be family day time but I am working AGAIN on public holiday, The Happy Deepavali Day!

Nothing against the Deepavali and the people who celebrate it, that I have to say frankly here. It is just the timing is wrong again.

I have to leave my family while they still sleeping back home when I supposed to be with them. This is the problem when you still living on paycheck by paycheck under someone's business. I know, what to do, "cari makan" mah right. Ya lah. For now, I just have to go to work. I treat it with heavy feeling that I have to go to work to support my family.

I have to think positively if not I die hating myself. The motivation to quit my job and spend more time with my family is piling up. The more reason I HAVE TO DO LOTS OF PAID POSTING FOR THE BENEFIT OF MY FAMILY.

May GOD give me strength to achieve this retirement to be with my family with fully self sustained income for my family sooner than expected. Amen.

Free gifts with cash prizes, will you want it?

Will you accept it if someone give you Free gifts and with some Cash prize to go along with it? What about a web company that says it will give you just like that by only entering a very simple text messaging and enter it to the Sweepstake. Will you participate?

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They have hundreds of products to win right from the Apple iPhone, HDTV, Designer bags, laptops from Dell and Toshiba, gadget like the Samsung GPS and Sony portable reader. You can check from their site, there is a new winner happen in every day. Do check them out. You will know your lady luck is probably today just waiting for your first action.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

What?! Not again - server down!

Oh not another one!? Come on. My main server down again at this very minute. Don't you just hate it when you just about to post your mega paid posting!?!

Am i angry.. yes YOU BET!!!! this demand new server. Sorry to say, but I am really pissed about all this. One more chance for you Little knowledge blog

Special Day anyone?

Hahaha, this is an overdue posting for a very special day. My special day actually. My Birthday on All Saints Day. That is on 1st November.

The day started with The sleepy stress exercise and what next thought to be a bad day where my mom went for the colonoscopy procedure. The morning started in the hospital and taken half day of boring moment.

Nevertheless, it was a good day for me. Spent the other half going out with wife and Josh only. Yea, just the three of us. This is a long forgotten moment especially after the Twins arrived. We sent the twins to our auntie and took off to a nearby Damai for Josh Photograph shots. It was not an easy task for the photographer... if you know Josh, you know what I mean. He never sit or stand still. He always on the move one. After some multiple quick shots, we managed to get him photographed. Phewww what a day.

More later ok. I promise.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Colonoscopy, what?

Yes, at first I have no idea what the heck is colonoscopy is but after searching high and very low from the internet then only I know.

The term "colonoscopy" means looking inside the colon. It is a procedure performed by a gastroenterologist, a well-trained subspecialist.

The colon, or large bowel, is the last portion of your digestive or GI tract. It starts at the cecum, which attaches to the end of the small intestine, and it ends at the rectum and anus. The colon is a hollow tube, about five feet long, and its main function is to store unabsorbed food products prior to their elimination.

source: AGA

Well, after the explanation, imagine they did that on my mom!? Yes, my Mother went through Colonoscopy procedure.

I spent the whole half day in the hospital, waiting for its to get over. Thank GOD, Mom is all right. No additional medication and Doctor said, she is perfect and can start eating again. :D

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Summary from the Main Blog!

Yes, this is a summary from the main blog at the PapaJoneh's Little Knowledge.

  1. I talked about my cute little puppy named Truggy. He is RIP now but sadly probably poisoned by the neighbors. How he played well with my son Josh and how he is so cheerful like keep waggling his tail non-stop. You really geram looking at it. Cannot stop one.
  2. I did the food test done by Ratu Syura, while she end up as Mexican Food, I on the other hand, end up as the Chinese food.
    The character I was assumed as: Exotic Yet Ordinary, People think they’ve had enough of you, but they’re back for more in an hour.
  3. Lastly, the sleepy, stress reliever exercise. You just have to be there to see the pictures.
OK, that is all from me. Hope Nessa can visit the main blog but I hope she's enjoying herself the same. :)