Friday, December 28, 2007

How to have an affordable online business, the easiest, fastest way!

What is the easiest way to make your current landed property business appears online? Ever thought of going online with your current brick and mortar businesses? Would you rather have your customers coming just from your area or from all over the world? This question is specifically targeted to those businesses having to store and displaying their products using the usual old way, on the racks. Now, I can safely say the answer will be the obvious ‘Yes’; you want to have the online presence. Yes you want to have customers buying not only from your area or country but all across the globe where the internet provides no boundary. And of course yes, you want to have the proper tool to display and manage your product and even be able to do the safe transaction without any skill needed and security concern.

No more worries, shopping cart software from Ashop Commerce is the right choice to put the “e” in your business - ecommerce software at your fingertips. Imagine your whole website and online business managed just from one complete ecommerce shopping cart software. It is affordable, web based; meaning no installation requires and it even gave you the freedom to customize the design. Not enough with that, they even give you 10 days free trial to take full control of the Ashop Commerce Shopping Cart.

Selling online has never been so easy. Go ahead take the test drive. With their award winning features and revolutionary online store building ecommerce software, you won’t be wrong. They are after all the leading provider of hosted shopping cart software and with a guaranteed 99.8% uptime and full fault alerts.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas in Keningau here we come!

This is last minute decision - going to celebrate our Christmas in Keningau. We decided to go to my wife's brother's new house for this year Christmas celebration. It is going to be a two and half hours drive from our place. Most if the time, going uphill as Keningau is an interior district of Sabah.

By the time you read this.. I am sure we are on our way already. This is also the first time for our twins at 4 months old and for my 3 years old son, Josh. I am sure this is going to be an exciting drive and celebration. I believe we.. I mean I am going to get drunk to the max. Haha.

Ok, that's all for now. Just to make a record here. Christmas in Keningau!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Is Air Purifier in Malaysia like this?

I am not sure this is a true story or not. I received this from my colleague and she is a lady. She must be concerned enough to email me this. I think I will warn my wife about this. I hope it is not true but better be careful and very very careful on anything that look, sound and smell suspicious.

Subject: Air purifier in Malaysia taxis
Message: Mungkin bisa terjadi di Indonesia juga

No matter the taxi driver is chinese,malay or indian, PLEASE BE AWARE!
If you notice that there is a sound of spray of perfume or air purifier
inside the taxi, PLEASE GET DOWN from the TAXI IMMEDIATELY! !

It just happened to me just now. It was about 12.45 am. I got into a taxi
driven by a malay man. I was in the taxi for a few minutes, I suddenly
heard of a sound of spray and there was a smell like air purifier. I felt
weird as to why the driver put two types of air purifiers in his taxi.
The smell immediately reminded me about this forwarded email that I
read. I started to be aware of my surroundings. But the puff of the
purifier kept appears every few minutes. I was very worried and scared.

Gradually, I sensed that my body started to feel weaker and weaker. The
purifier kept puffing from the back seat, just right behind me. As I
really felt my whole body is weaken, I asked the driver to let me get down at
the side road. But he kept trying to talk to me and ask me why not dropping
me off at my destination. I think he was trying to drag the time. To my
horror, I felt both of my hands and legs got numbed and no energy, almost
could not move.

When I talked to the driver, I could not even speak properly, not to say to
shout for help, 'cos I was really too weak... Immediately, I opened the door
and ran to passer-by for help.

I really thank God for saving me. If not, I really can't imagine what would
have happened to me. I am traumatised by this incident.

This is TRUE case. Please do keep in mind! IT IS BETTER TO BE SAFE THAN
SORRY! I feel the need to share with you guys, no matter you are men or women
'cos it is NOT a LIE , not a made-up story. It really happened. Do! let
your friends, family members and relatives know about this case. I
believe you are just like me, don't wish anybody to be the victim of this

'Please be aware when aboard to a taxi, especially the ladies.' I
received an email some months ago about a lady getting into a cab and
felt uneasy and become faint when she smelt something like incense being
burnt. She was smart enough to order the taxi to stop immediately and after
throwing some money at the taxi man quickly get out of the taxi. She later
got to know that if she had not stopped the taxi and gotten out, she
would have fainted and raped by the taxi man (or a gang of rapists)!

After reading this, I thought maybe this was one of those emails that you
would read and just forget about it, but I was wrong!

Few weeks ago, a visitor to our Chinese church who stayed in Puchong
got into a taxi driven by an Indian man. When she sat into the taxi, there
was a little burner and she could smell incense burning in the taxi.

After awhile, she felt weak and unable to speak or shout. The Indian taxi man
drove to a lonely road where there was hardly anyone and raped her.

Before she was completely knocked out, she was told by the taxi guy that she
was his number six victim. She was not only raped but also robbed! When she
was conscious again, she quickly went to see a doctor. The sad thing is, the
doctor knew she was raped but did not advise her what to do.
The doctor just let her make the decision to make or not to make a
police report. Since she does not know the rapist name and also the taxi
number and in great fear after this trauma, she told the doctor that she
would not dare to report to the police. The doctor said since she dare
not make the report, he would just have to destroy the medical report!
Because the rapist took her whole bag with her ID in it, he got her address
and even has the guts to come straight to her house and try to be funny with
Please remember not to get into a taxi that smells funny and if possible
don't get into a taxi alone, and if you have to do so, give a call or sms
back to your friends or relatives and let them know the taxi registration
number and if possible, the name of the taxi man. AND OPEN THE WINDOW!

Gals... please take note and...
Guys... please forward to your female

So there. Spam or not, true or false, just make sure it does not happen to your love ones. Up to you to judge for it. I just want to share this email content.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Why am I here?

Why am I here? Well it is 5am and I just want to stamp my visit here. Nothing wrong right. This is after all my other hideout. Been busy updating, paid-posting, commenting and it is about time I stop here before I go to sleep.

As you see, this is my only time typing all this when the twins asleep... and alamak... already I can hear their cry... aiyooh its that time again. Milk Feeding time!

Got to go!

Here my son Josh wanna say something to you all ...

Mery Christmas to all of you. :)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

What would you do if you have Smart Wife?

Nice title there, eh? Yeah, guys - what would you do if you have smart wife, smarter than you? That can be a havoc in the domestic management. Being the man in the house and having such a smart wife, wow, that sure need some skill.

I do not have solution if that is what you are looking for. I am actually asking you to leave me a feedback or two on how to deal them. My smart wife is totally unpredictable. When comes to present or gifts or whatever that you intend to give her, you better make sure she likes it. If not, you are just wasting money. She said like that to me. I know she loves me very much and my best guess is that she just wants to save me money. I think so. Should be.

What about you guys.. or ladies in the house? Can you share to me on how to deal with such situation?

** Oh ya, if you have paypal address and need quick $10, go check and guess what's my wife's Christmas gift wish. yep, simple as that.

If you are boring, what's your plan then?

Well, if I am feeling boring now, I would definitely go for my nitro radio control truck race. However that is not always possible if its raining outside. So, being indoor, stuck inside the room, computer is your only friend. Now combine that with the current broadband service, being online is just a must nowadays.

There are so many entertainment services outside in the cyberspace. They are only limited by your imagination. One of them is obviously the online casino. One particular website that I like to go is the Pro360 Dot Com.

This website is actually a site for all the online casinos available to the public and its already been reviewed for your convenience. You do not have to go through up to 3000 online casinos just to gamble online. Pro360 Dot Com did it just for you beforehand. How cool is that!

You can choose from the normal Poker right to the not so obvious Craps game. Yes, of course the Roulette is there too along with the Baccarat, Carribean Stud and even if you are up to it, the Sports Betting. The site is so direct and helpful. The best part is for you and me is to check the individual review. Currently the listing as at speaking, is the top, number one rating by the editors and players.

For me, just by reading the review is already exciting. Some information is totally new. Why don't you go check them as your firsthand experience. You can thank me later for proposing you this Pro360 Dot Com. Ha-ha.

What is favorite Football Team?

I am talking about the European Football Team and not the USA Football Team. They call it Soccer. Their football is the Rugby for us. Anyway, the question is, do you have any favourite team? Yes, if you noticed, I use the UK spelling there simply because I was taught the UK style. Whatever it is, I still no shit about the proper English usage. :D

Before you say what is your favourite team let me start first, I am a hardcore Liverpool fan. Yes, the Rafa Benitez team. The team that got the magic but sometimes came out with unpredictable result. That is why I love them. Hey, Liverpool just blasted Marseille 4-0 you know. In fact, Liverpool is the only team that has the most goal scoring compares to the rest of the team around Europe in the UEFA Cup. You will never walk alone, Liverpool. I am always there.

There said and done. Either you are with me or not, for goodness sake, it is just football. Nevertheless, never ever mess with me about my team. So, what is the question again? I forgive you if you say Brazil because I love them too :D

Where to get paid for blogging?

Let me start with this, I Thank GOD for being kind to me all this while. If I look back my life especially the time I started blogging which of course not so long ago, money is actually there in the Internet for me to take.

There are many companies out there that can provide you the opportunity to make money while you are blogging or simply being online. Now, if you ask me how do I get paid to blog and what company do I suggest? Well, for a starter and I think if I have to swear about this company genuine money making opportunity, I will here. However, that will be too much.

On the other hand, I have to share this simply because the company has been really instrumental, is that the right word? Instrumental in helping me and my family, indirectly, supplying financial support simply just by blogging for money. I actually get paid for blogging, isn't that nice? :D

The company is none other than Smorty. Smorty is a service whereby you get connected to the advertisers whom responsible in paying you to blog about their companies. Either by doing a review or opinion. As simple as that. The more you blog for money, the more opportunity Smorty offering you in return.

So what are you waiting for? Smorty is the answer for you to make money online. Get paid to be online and make your blog as the blog advertising platform for other advertisers. You lose nothing but gain in money.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

It's that 4am again!

Watched DVDs and now typing here at 5AM. I am still alive and still relaxing. Nothing beats holiday. Nothing beats the Christmas mood. :D