Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This blog is still alive!!

hahaha. I never thought this blog is still alive. I thought of ignoring it for a long time can do the trick. Sigh. Money is evil indeed. to ignore it is like to stop breathing. Can't do and will not do.

This blog supposed to be my hideout for everything dissatisfaction. Hmm ... so what to complain here? Complain that I need more money desperately?

Ok, I'm totally out of idea here. Bye!

Who does not like Diamond?

You must be crazy not to like Diamond or probably you are too inhuman to totally ignore it. Aha! Of course, when you talk about Diamond, you usually associated it with very expensive price tag or higher status level.

However, have any of you thought about any other use of the Diamond? Like the Diamond Fasteners? Curious? Well, you are not alone. I am curious too of this product. I am not a good English spoken person. Fasteners for me, in my own dictionary is just a screw. Haha. Do not get me wrong. I know few things about screws. In my passion with radio control car and buggy, I use quite a lot of screws and few other things. On the other hand, never in my 12 years of RC screwing the car and buggy kit ever found such a precision machined parts like what Diamond Fasteners offers. With over 30 years of experience and with ISO certificate, they know what you need for sure. If you have any hardware problem, be it on Aircraft hardware or Electronic hardware, they have the right harware manufacturers for you.

I would like to end this with some words, if you want better quality, reliable and most of all want to experience the "Diamond Difference", Diamond Fasteners is the company you call.

I rest my case.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Working alone again!

Yep.. another post another thing to record here.
Chinese New Year 2009 already passed. The OX is in the house and we all still working very hard for other people.

Like right now, I am working all alone in this very cold 19 Degree Celcius room with two 3 horsepower air conditioners blowing right at me and around and this computer dept room not even big. Imagine that cold.

I have answer all the calls and meaning going to the toilet is 100 meter dash. Yes, have to fast. If the telephone ringing more than 3 to 4 times, than Ill be in trouble from the high above man. I hate this work but what to do.. still working under someone else. :P

AAahhhhh... thats all for today!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I like it when I'm not known!

Hehehe. The title above a little bit twisted. You know me, I am not an English spoken person. All like "rojak buah". Now, go google that if you are not familiar with Malay language.

Actually I am quite happy that this blogspot is not known to many. I know Ethel knows it which is ok because she keeps silence only. Furthermore, my profile as jpp papa is not visible or open to public.

So to those who somehow figure it out that this is truly my hiding place, a place where i can just throw everything, welcome and thanks in advance for not telling others. I want to be in the dark about this blog.

I know, i know. The blog name is not that hidden anyway but.. hey, so far, i have not seen any blogger soul in this blog and commented. So I guess it is really in the dark - GOOOOD!

Bah, itu saja hari ni and silap2, the whole month of February won't be any new news ... or till my own dot com down again. Hahaha.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Frustrated Again!

Ya.. really frustrating I can't fully access my admin. When I do, to upload picture is like forever. Man, this is not good.

What should I do? If anyone care to comment or advice me, please do leave a comment. I am talking at my main blog at http://www.PapaJoneh.com.

Frust. Really upset now. :(

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Good News

Well some good news here. I can browse, comment others blog already. Happy? A bit coz now I know little bit the outside world. Really really happy? Nope, coz I still can't access my Admin in my main blogs.. so my real blog is still no update. Sigh.

Office is so boring!

Yes, Office environment is so boring right now. I am facing one of this big plasma 42" TV with Astro Channel 555 but my mind is elsewhere.

I can't even browse others blog. Funny, the only place i can visit is esharkdesign.com and his other madeinsabah.wordpress.com sites. It seems that his the only blog that meant to be commented by me. I know cannot be right? Well, I have nothing to hide. And still the office is so boring without Internet. I hope I'm at home now using my Wireless streamyx.. much better.

Oh well.. thats all for now.

Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm hungry!

Since I'm here, might as well jot whatever in my mind or shall I say, whatever NOT in my stomach. Hahaha. Sorry bad English.

Okay, just wanna tell this blog,
  1. I'm really hungry at 2:45pm now
  2. I'm frustrated I can't access my main blog - server in USA
  3. I'm still hungry cos I'm still typing here
  4. I have enough only to eat simple lunch
  5. I miss my kids and wife
  6. Enough - I need to stop here.
  7. Hungry like a lion. I can eat you if you offer me freely!!!!

So Many Wishes!!

Oh man!! This is long long time overdue. It is already year 2009. This blog missed the Christmas celebration, Happy New Year and many more. So sorry loh. I am still Alive though :D

You're of course the reliable one here. Sorry for abandoning you. My main blog's server seems to block me from accessing it. All my stories, all what I wanted to share gone with the wind of change. Fed up yes I am.

So here I am again bursting out my frustration ... and I am out of words.

Maybe next time again. Sigh.