Thursday, January 31, 2008

How to get that extra cash in between your payday?

How to get that extra cash in between your payday? How, is the big question here. Everyone wants to know how to do it but does that everyone really look for it? Like deep deep down inside under the table kind of thing? I tell you this, if you are really looking for that extra cash, you can actually find it right in front of your eyes. Believe it or not?

Now, let me tell you this again. The Internet is your best friend. You can find almost anything in the Internet. Yes, even that cute little dog. I kid you not. The only thing that you need to do is just google it. Alright, if you prefer, yahoo search it. The dog link will appear in front of you. So easy like 1, 2 & 3.

So, what about that extra cash? Easy search for it in the Internet. If you really search for the term cash advance, you will be surprised how many links and great sites will pop up in your search result. One particular website that I frequent a lot is from Trust Source dot Org. They caters for everyone who need that extra cash advance in a hurry. In some if not on all occasion, no documents needed. Once approved, they will electronically deposit the cash advance money directly to your checking or savings account. No more hassle. The site also caters specifically for the women. Now this is definitely interesting. As if they know the women spend a lot on shopping and that the bills are sometimes over the budget. This is indeed a cool way to cover your expenses and they understood your need. Pretty nice, eh?

So, if you in anyway, short of cash and need that cash advance in a short notice, please go check I bet all your needs will be satisified in no time. Thanks me later for this cool info. :D

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Belum Puas lagi?

Belum puas lagi? Do you know what it means? It means, in my simple, day-to-day local dialect English translation is, "Are you not satisfied yet?"

Why I said like that? Well, if you scan all the way down here, you can see either I have been playing online casinos, blog hopping hundreds of blog in three days non-stop or just plain no idea of what kind of posting I made here. One thing for sure, I am making money on every post I made. No harm doing that right? We all need money and money is no evil when comes to feeding your hungry family. If you still single, be proud that you can eat all your money, all by yourself. Enjoy them while you can. I have been there, done all that but you know what, I love being where I am now - being the family man. Being the Papa to my three kids and try-to-be good husband to my lovely wife.

So what is the topic all about? Well, dah puas cari makan di Internet kah ndak? The answer is of course NOT. Big NOT!! I tell you this one secret, my target this year I am going to make a $2,000 a month just from blogging! Nice amount lerrr. Do you think I can reach that in one month? Can I?

Are you busy, Boss?

Are you busy, my Boss? Yes I got that question asked many times. Not that I am really a Boss in a company or some business out there. It is that slang they use, my friends especially when I did not return their calls. :D

Do you believe if I say that I lose interest in blogging my things on the net already? I have no motivation whatsoever to update this blog or the others. It is some kind of mental block in my head. Now, when I do not have anything to say, I usually end up saying lots of things. Moreover, when the times not right, I usually spend my times surfing the Internet looking for better entertainment either in the form of online gaming or casino online.

If I found the site interesting and especially useful, for example this cool online casino of X Casinos, I can spent the whole day spoiling myself with it. The site is so simple yet has that so familiar environment. Why I said like that, simply because it is like the blog we usually visit. The info is on the left side while all the easily accessible categories and recent posts are on the right column. Just like the default wordpress blog style.

Now, if you are into online casino, this is a good bet side for enjoyment and useful information. Anything about online gaming, type of gaming and even the latest raid on illegal gambling are published in the site. Just by reading all is enough to make your half day passed by without realizing it. Do not forget, they also help you on how to start playing casino online, how to be profitable and get accustomed to the many types of game rules and regulation. In short, you have more than enough ammo to be the professional gambler here just by visiting and reading all the information from X Casinos website.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Leisure time, what do you do?

What normally you do in your leisure time? Spending time with your family? Going shopping with friends? Go scuba diving? Blogging? Or are you into gambling? Checking out the best online casinos available in the net.

Well, if you are really looking for that, try hang out at Why ? This casinos provides various of choices of online games. They have casino blackjack, slots, baccarat, poker and roulette to name a few. Having that all under one roof, who needs to gamble outside anymore right? You can do it in your comfort house and play as long as you want.

But I just hope you do not gamble on your life and your relationship with your family, wife especially for those who married. They are too precious to be wasted but I believe playing online casinos is much more safer than gambling in the club, don't you all think so?

Just a quick note!

Ok guys...just a short note here. My hands are full with my current project. Want to know what is my current project? Just check it out at HMS Racing.

I loves to write more but since my hands are really tight now, for those who happens to drop by, please check what my smart wife gives me as Christmas present here at why am I so busy?.

Really need to go and I will write more soon..till then, chiao :-)

Should I or Not?

What am I suppose to do? My smart wife wants us to invest into real estate. She says this is the right moment to invest. Is it really a right time? I know the for real estate keep on going up and if we don’t invest now, is there any chance the price will go down later? Hmm, should I agree to it?

I know investing can give higher return later of the day but a lot of things need to be considered. First, I need to hire a good real estate agent to help us to choose the right and affordable real estate. Not only that, the location also very important. I do not want to end up buying a property only God knows where. Confuse, confuse, confuse. What should I do?

Hmm maybe I should try to invest with the California real estate. I heard from friends it is worth investing but the only problem is, I am not even close to that place

Presley finally did it!

Yes I know I should post this yesterday but I kinda of busy with my current project :-) furthermore I know my smart wife will definitely blog this, and I being the smart papa just link back to her hahahahaha.

Yesterday was the official day Presley finally made his turning. I thought he will never do it as he never shows his intention to do it. Well, I wouldn't want to repeat was already my smart wife write in her blog so being the smart papa, for those who happens to visit this blog, you get all the info here through my smart wife's blog.

So, until then, chiao :-0

Where to get a cheaper Computer or cheaper laptop?

Things nowadays are not cheap anymore. Everything has increase ever since the price of oil gone up. Can you imagine how it is going to be in the near future if the prices of oil keeps on going up but our salary stills the same?

I have been looking for a company who can offer me a better price for laptops and so far I have not meet one. Obviously I checked the Internet too. As I was browsing, I came upon to this site which is what exactly I needed. The Save Bucket Company. This company offer everything, yes, you read it correctly, everything, from Computer Electronic, Computer Hardware, Electronic Games, Home and Garden, Clothing just to name a few.

You just click whatever you need and a list of all the things that you requested will be displayed and the most interesting is, you can even compare their prices with other company instantly. This is really a time saving. You can do your search and comparison through this company. You don’t believe me, why don’t you check it out yourselves?

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Is it alright to be selfish?

Is it alright to be selfish? I think everyone is a selfish human being. You may not admit it but when the time comes, you know you just have to be selfish. You know also that I have no idea what I am talking about here. I am just typing out of my mind and somehow this topic came out out of a sudden. I do not even use backspace. Aha!

So, you want another paragraph? Nolah. I better stop here if not I will continue wasting your time and of course mine too. We end up losing each other's mind. So, done up to here. Ciao! :D

The way to start your business online!

When you started your very own business, did it ever occur to you to bring your business online? Having your customers from all over the world rather than just from your area? Actually this question is specifically targeted to those businesses having to store and displaying their products using the usual old way, on the racks.

I believe all of you will answer "YES" to have the online presence. Yes you want to have customers buying not only from your area or country but all across the globe where the internet provides no boundary. And of course yes, you want to have the proper tool to display and manage your product and even be able to do the safe transaction without any skill needed and security concern.

No more worries because shopping cart from Ashop Commerce is the right choice to put the “e” in your business - ecommerce software at your fingertips. Imagine your whole website and online business managed just from one complete ecommerce shopping cart software. It is affordable, web based; meaning no installation requires and it even gave you the freedom to customize the design. Not enough with that, they even give you 10 days free trial to take full control of the Ashop Commerce Shopping Cart.

Selling online has never been so easy. Go ahead take the test drive. With their award winning features and revolutionary online store building ecommerce software, you won’t be wrong. They are after all the leading provider of hosted shopping cart software and with a guaranteed 99.8% uptime and full fault alerts. :)

How to get your Quick Cash!

I loves talking about money. Everything about it It doesn't matter if it is paypal money, how to make money, how to transfer money or about loan here and loan there. Not to mention about credit card, debit card and what ever privilege card to choose etc.

I guess because most of the time if not always, I short of cash. The month is so long but the money is so short. Now, if you are like me, working under someone that you wish is under you, you know the salary is never enough. This is exactly what Robert Kiyosaki said, in the rat race, we always lose if we did not pay ourselves first.

It is of course, easier said than done. Sometimes, you need to borrow from someone, relatives or friends, to cover your swollen credit. But, what if in the sudden, there is an emergency that need extra in thousand of cash? Even if you said, alright, I sell my fully paid car to cover it. I can do this. Well, even selling your car will not help because that takes time too.

Now, if you are in this situation, you may find that the best solution is go for the payday loans. It is fast and with no hassle. You can only get this from What are you waiting for? The company even catered the loan for the women. The service says it all, Womens Payday Advance. No more excuses girls for not going with your girl friends or shop until you drop thing. You decide.

Is today Sunday?

Is today Sunday? Are you sure? How come I'm not working? I usually working on Sunday but why today I am not? Sure or not?

There first paragraph of being confused not working on Sunday. Even my wife and elder son could not believe I was still on the table doing my RC stuff when it was already 9AM. Well, yes. I used to be working on Sunday. In fact, every Sunday of the month. Don't you just hate it? I hate but what to do. I am still NOT a problogger yet. Still working for someone's else road to richness.

It is different though today. Today is my off day. Real shift off day. So other than trying to make myself useful at home, I also have to take this opportunity to make money online. Yes Sunday or not, still considered working day for me. Working for money, but my own money and I do NOT even have to wear any clothes or neck tie doing this. In fact I can just bring my trusted WIFI laptop and my no sugar coffee and do this in the comfort of my toilet! Now, that is what I call luxury!

Let us go Broadband, BT Total Broadband!

Let us talk something serious today. Something that almost everyone use in their life. What is it? Of course, it is the Internet. Currently one cannot live without the Internet. OK, I may go far here but yes, I still think the Internet is important to us. In fact, how you able to read my rambling here is all due to Internet. For us here, the dial up service is totally a no-no especially when you are browsing for example, for the best video in or the awesome pictures of the recent Grammy Award. You have to have the broadband connection. Anything less is too slow. Imagine you are using the laptop outside your comfort zone aka your home. Now, imagine you log in to the Internet users using only the old dial up service. I can guarantee you won't be able to do your browsing or even for the simplest thing, checking your email.

Therefore, other than using the broadband connection, especially from this bt, using the speedtest is the next big important step for you. Imagine using BT Total Broadband with the 8 MegaByte download speed. You do not even notice that you are actually viewing any video online using the Internet connection. Man, I wish we had this service here. Our local services here not even come to close to 2MB. You are all so lucky especially if you are in the UK (United Kingdom). BT Dot Com is for your info, has been voted by the readers as the Trusted Brand for 2007 and they have the most complete broadband package in UK. Either you have no idea what is broadband or even you have broadband with other company, BT can help you. Heck, even if you already have broadband with BT, it still can be enhanced to another higher level with their vast product and services.

Therefore, what are you waiting for? If you are not on BT Broadband, you are already been left out.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Oh my! I am stil blog hopping!

Man I am still doing my duty blog hopping here and there. It already took me 2 days of my office time just to do this. I hope I have not missed anyone in my list.

Some I already visited but cannot comment, that is sad. Some really new like new theme, new people behind it and some like gone! I got like hundreds linking to me and I still feel guilty if I have not visited even once to them. I am sure this blog is not visited by some of them but that I do not care. I just wanna do myself a favor to clear all the bad feelings, bad karma whatever the negative feeling inside of me.

If you happened to be here reading this and wish I visit you or even ask for a link, please do so. I am a very .. well 'tend' to forget things easily. Seriously. So I need some kind of reminding once in a while. My wife talked about it and I guess that is so true. :D

How to behave when you are old already?

How to behave when you are older already? Well, this is the thing that keep popping up inside my tiny head. I am not old yet. I am still under the age of 40 where all the men are MEN. However, my brain does not seem to agree with me in this matter. Why? well, I tend to forget things easily now. Yes I do.

So, if I ever promise you anything, you better remind me again. It is not that intentionally forget about it but it is just I forgot. I keep reminding my wife that please take care of me when I am old and ugly later on. Hahaha. Pathetic, I know. On the other hand, I will be like that sooner or later so might as well tell my wife earlier while I still remember. Hahaha.

See, even my father at the age of near 80 still can remember things better than me. I guess when the time comes, I am more in use for the nursing home than my father! Hahaha. You see, this better caring dot com place is pretty cool indeed. Let say if I have to stay here, I believe they will take care of me pretty nicely. As it claimed it can cater for our own specific needs and they do it with love. Wahhh, I feel my retirement is guaranteed heaven here. Well to be honest, I hope my wife will not send me anyway and that she herself will take care of me. However, if under certain situation that I am really that stubborn and painful to take care of, I may probably suggest my wife just to send me here. Hahaha. Why not right?

So, if you happen to in the same shoe, or probably in this age, ask your wife or husband or your children to check this Better Caring Dot Com site. They have enough information, such as daily care news and tips from the expert. Even if you are not registering, you are well ensured that you got better info here than elsewhere. :D

So peace to all, enjoy your life to the fullest.

Wahhh, Xmas Header?

What? The header still on Christmas Mood - holiday mood! Hahaha. Me got no time to edit it so.. since no one complain, just leave it like that lah. Hahaha. After all, nice mah kan. :D

there short and simple update to this blog. It is a dead blog but it has PR3 now. Google Page Ranking 3. FUUUIIIYYYOOOOOOHHHHH. Betul kah dis. Hahahaha.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Still alive and blog hopping!

yes I am still alive and this blog is still alive too. I am currently doing my blog hopping. Hopefully I reach your site by today. I am in the office so you have to understand the interference from the above level ;)

To my one and only Nessa that is not able to browse my main blog.. so kesian of me not getting you there. So will hop to your blog now simply because I need to :D

What do you do if you are boring at home?

What is the first thing you going to do if you are feeling bored at home with nothing to do? I do not know about you all but if you have a personal computer or Mac or whatever you use to browse the internet, then you have no reason to feel boring at home.

There are tonnes of information, entertainment and even products to use online. Most of the time you can get them for free. Yes you can if you dig deep enough for it. Some of course do need you to fork out your credit card or your paypal money to use their service. Now, if you are into decent, time consuming but on the other hand can make you money too, I would like you to look at card games. If you are into it, if you interested in playing the poker, there is no better place than the top online poker at the poker room of top usa online casinos dot com.

There is so far, no better place to hang out to look for better online poker room, especially if you are an USA citizen. You all so lucky! With the information they provided like rating, players' reviews, to choose the right room is just a matter of click and join.

So what are you waiting for? Go for it. I am not feeling bored now but if I do, I definitely go for it. Furthermore, I am not an USA player. :D

Wednesday, January 9, 2008 is down

Yes, the main blog is down with "error in database connection". Now, when it's down, here alive. Obviouslylah. Need somewhere to type mah right.

It is kind of boring working in the office with sucks wireless connection and damn late to go home. yea, like only able to go home at 8pm. You thought got overtime.. no way man. Wanna complain? Get ready to pack your things and out of the building. Haha.

Lucky my fengshui reading this year told me to wait and do not quit your current job... so I holding myself to the company's chair now. Close eyes on every bad thing.

ok enough for now, blank already. See you all around.. or maybe see just myself around again :D

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Blog almost Dead!

Yeah this blog is almost dead. Dead like even the owner also never com here. hahaha. What to do, so many blogs to mantain and all of them crying for the owner assistant. So for you blogspot, always have to queue right at the end. Wanna complain? Better not if you want to keep surviving in the Internet.

Hahahaha. Takuuut. bah, relax kau ah. Owner pi jalan-jalan (walk-walk) to others' blog first.

To Nessa, still cannot access my main blog kah? Aiiyoooohhh. Never mindlah. Just wanna wish you Happy New year and of course to everyone here too. May all wishes came true and new one fulfilled. :D

Tata for now.