Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Oh dear, another honeymoon postponed!

I have planned to bring my wife for a holiday for every long time already but till to date, I still haven’t done so. When we were just got married, I planned to bring her for our honey moon but delayed. Just when I thought the timing is right, she got pregnant with our first child and we postponed again. But I promise myself that I will definitely bring her to visit the places that she long to go.

I know one place that she really wanted to go. She really wanted to go Spain. Why? Because years back she got hooked with this Taiwanese drama series Meteor Garden. If not mistaken, some of the drama was taken in Barcelona, Spain. She falls in love with the place after she watched the drama.

I don’t know when can I fulfill her dreams but in the mean time I will ask her to check all the necessary information especially where to get the cheaper hotels in Spain, like the Hesperia Lucentum Hotel, priced only at EU57, that is around MYR274. A four stars hotel that considered as cheap hotel already. On the hand, I love going to Spain simply because the Liverpool current coach Rafa Benitez is from Spain too. Ha-ha.

What about the hotels in Barcelona and hotels in Madrid? Yea I know she’s crazy about Barcelona but hey if I be able to bring her to those places mentioned above consider a bonus for her right. So wife, be ready with all the information. Who knows we will be going there next year ;-)

Monday, October 29, 2007

I'm a forgetful Papa!

My hand phone rings as soon as I reached the office this morning. When I looked at the clip, it shows my beloved wife’s office no. Smiling, I picked up the phone. In my heart, she must be missing me already. I just dropped her off at her office like 10 minutes ago.

Gee I thought she called because she missed me but no, she called just to remind me regarding my father’s car insurance which is going to expire soon. You guys must be wondering why does my wife need to remind me and why do I need to be reminded, if that ever come across your mind. Simple, I FORGOT to renew my father’s car insurance last year.

So in order not to have the history repeated again, she has been reminding now and again. So that’s what I am going to do today. I got to call my insurance agent but wait; i think I better check out other options if I can get other Auto Insurance Plans that offers better than the existing now. I need a Better Car Insurance Rates as I feel I pay a bit expensive for my father’s kancil. I am looking for Insurance Cheapest Premium Companies. Yeah, I think I had better start doing it before I get another phone call from my wife. ;-)

Friday, October 26, 2007

Wordpress for Dummies are coming out!

Yes, the Wordpress book for Dummies are coming out soon and I just can't wait to buy it for my wife. I am sure I will find the info inside useful for myself too. I am not an expert obviously but such book deserved to be in you book rack or better at your side always. I give you one suggestion, use it when you in the toilet. I bet it's a good reading nevertheless :D

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Main Server SLOW AGAIN!

I am really fed up and tired. After my previous post about my family request and now this. The main server of my Little knowledge blog is slowing down and can't open at around 3:30pm and still slow till now.

How come the rest of the blogs and sites ok.. and even this blogger.com faster than usual. It is not my office streamyx then... it is definitely the server. Bikin Panas betul ni. Im in the middle of my PP and it can't be accessed!!!

Family request

This is another copy of my posting at my main domain, Family Request. Yeah, it's that thing again. Your lovely family requesting you to do this and that. What do you think my reaction is? I am fed up and disgusted in the same time.

To my Nessa who cannot enter my blog there.. well here a blockquote just for you:

  • Joneh, congrats on your recent twins.
  • Thanks for giving twins in our family tree. The more the merrier.
  • Joneh, you have 3 children already.
  • Joneh, all boys. That’s great. More generation in our ancestors’ name
  • To your wife, Congrats on the normal delivery. Strong lady
  • To your wife, congrats. Confinement over

So, when is the next one? You have 3 boys already but it would be nice to have a daughter in your family. Don’t wait for too long. You two still can do it. We wait for next year good news, OK.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Blog Summary for today

Well, still on monday but what a monday it was. Of coz I hate monday simply it asks me to go to work when I supposed to be with my twins and Josh and wife. Well, wife cannotlah.. she's working too.

Anyway, today is quite special because I see my mommy friend, sasha on TV. yes, she was on TV3 on the "Wanita Hari Ini" show at 12pm to 1pm. It was about bloggers mom. Pretty cool exposure. I am so proud to have known a few of them. They were Shannon, chinnee and one new blogger mom, can't remember her name but Sasha told me, she's her ex colleague wife... something like that lah. JD(Jayden) also there. JD is the son of Sasha. He was so matured there in the TV. So kuai kuai one. Chut chut less some more. :D

Guess what? I got it in video - the show. Hahaha. It was so long that my poor camera keep beeping me, no more memory inside memory stick. Now, after I delete some of my babies shots (which already copied to the laptop), the camera still beeping. Now it says "low battery". Aiiyyyaaaahh...
luckily it stopped at the right time, just after the host said thank you to Sasha and the gang. Phhewww..

Will post the video after uploading to youtube. If I got time to edit it. It flickers badly. yalorr... i took the video in front of the tv..

Monday, October 22, 2007

Sunday - Babies Pre Baptism Meeting

I supposed to be working on Sunday but since we have to attend the Pre Babies Baptism meeting at 2:30pm, I decided to apply a leave. Imagine, when everyone is having their normal sunday relax with their family, I usually at work.. getting someone richer. What a life!

Anyway, the meeting should start at 2:30pm but as always in everything, never on time one. We started on 3pm and end just before 5pm. Man, those 2 hours is really a torture. Well, not in that sense of coz. I mean listening to the lecture on what is baptism, why, responsibilities and the whole process of doing it for your babies... can really tiring you know. However, despite of my lack of concentration, I did bring back some useful information. I know one thing for sure, the job of the Godfather is not easy. The other thing is again, we have to make sure that we are not confused to which one is Preston and which one is Presley when the time comes to bless with water and blessed oil.

I just can't wait actually. The real sacrament is on 28th Oct.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Presley first smile

Yes, just want to mark the date here that today Sunday, 21 October 2007, is the day, my twin son Presley smiles to me and to wife. He is usually the serious one among them two. Preston can smile about 2 weeks ago already.

So there.. for your eyes only Presley.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Papajoneh.com got new header!

Check Papajoneh.com Little Knowledge blog new random rotating header. I would say pretty cool. Of coz I angkat bakul sendirilah. If not me who else.. Haha.

oklah itu saja. mau tidur sudah ni.

Friday, October 19, 2007

I'm hiding here :)

All right, I have been blog hopping here and there this past few days. So tiring and this blog need some updates or else.. might as well throw it away!

There are so many things to report. Here in no order:

  1. I found "Best Coffee in Town" in my yahoo spam folder
  2. I got involved in the Transformer Quiz and I'm The Evil Bad one
  3. Found out 5xmom is in Kota Kinabalu now
  4. Got to see Samm, the 5 digit earner working space
  5. Nessa wonderful eyes twisting picture
  6. Cindy longing for her Mango
There. I have a few more later... tired lohhh... 5:30am you know. Better get some sleep before twins started their growling engines again - sigh!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday Report

This is quick one. I have to go to work on this public holiday alone to start the computer network. it is actually quite for me normal working on public holiday but NOT ON COMPANY'S HOLIDAY!!! I hate it but what to do.. it is my work thing again and I'm in charge for today. :(

I am actually typing this from office computer, alone and waiting for the report to finish so I can go back to my family. I will definitely stop at the Hospital. Hope Mom is still feeling better as per Sunday report. Should be should be.

OK, work first. Talk later. :(

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday report

Not as same as yesterday Saturday, today is really stay at home day for us all. We took our time out from the master bedroom. Kids still were asleep at around 7am. Wife decided to wake up early. Time for laundry she said. As for me, well, I seldom wake up late on Sunday because I alway work on weekend. Usually, only wife knows I go to work, the kids were still on their dreams. But today is different. I applied leave for the day.

Let me cut it short, Josh took his bath with me, twins nicely bathed too. We had our breakfast. yeah, I went out to nearby restaurants and ordered some cool mee with fried slice chicken chop. Laundry done, Kids done - Josh playing computer and twins sleep with smiles on their faces.. a bit saliva there too ;) Wife took her bath and happily said to me, ok now you are free!

I said, O'rite. so what I did, of coz, I go to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for my mom on the 6th floor. My mom is sick remember :P I am not a hospital guy, meaning I hate going there. If I'm sick, I rather stay at home.

Anyway, at around 1pm I finally see my mom. She is so thin but still produces smile as she always do to me. I hugged her like I never hug her before. I really missed her. My brothers there, SIL (sister-in-law) cleaning my mom, combed and tied her hair. She looks ok. The sad part is, she is still under the order not to eat any hard food.. or any type of food except from the drip they attached onto her hand. Kesian. She stable for now. Still waiting for the 48 hours to end as instructed by the specialist, Dr. kana. Hope she does not need any operation.

OK, I think that's all i can say for now.. I leaved her with a smile knowing she is feeling better. Damn it, I have to work at night time so my visit cut short. :(

will report again tomorrow.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Selamat Hari Raya To all Muslims friends or not!

Selamat Hari Raya to all PJ Hideout blog' Muslim readers. Whether I know you or not, You are wished the same greetings from me. :D

Maaf Zahir and Batin. May your day be much much better during this festive weekend. Malaysia is a great country and I am so proud to be associated with it. It really does not matter whether you are Muslims, Indians, Christians, we all celebrate the Hari Raya.

Sadly, this is not the Raya I am expecting to be cherished with lots of Ketupat, Sate, Rendang and the Kuih Makmur.. Sadly because my Mother is in the intensive care unit right now. She is so far doing well according to my brothers and sisters who has visited her. She is under strong medicine and some so called oxygen method, pumped inside her stomach to counter the problem caused from the previous operation.

All were there except me :( Well, I stuck at home taking care my twins with wife. Especially now, night time, wife just could not handle the three(3) boys by herself. So, all I can do keep calling my sisters & brothers to check her situation. Hope everything goes smoothly. If not, operation again and that is not a good sign :(

The problem is

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Not again! PapaJoneh.com server down!

I am about to go out from my stressful life and into the light of blogging. I thought I can start fresh today. I miss blogging. I miss rambling. I miss my blog friends. I thought I want to update things up at my Little Knowledge blog.. well what do you know; IT IS DOWN at 4:25pm and it reflects every addon domain I have there. That includes my most profitable blog at RC Nitro Offroad Truggy site!

What do you think? I am beginning to doubt my present hosting due to this frequent server down. I love the hosting because it always produce the fastest and it never fails to deliver what it promised. 99% uptime.

Whatever it is.... this Hideout blogspot is alive because of my poor little knowledge blog always down. I have to make this blog alive and have to make it as my money making slave. Imagine how much I lose from the google traffic if my main server always down.. especially on the RC Nitro Offroad Truggy blog.

Till then, I hope the problem is a temporary one because i love the hosting service. Nothing so far beats the service they provided to me all this while. I owe the hosting much... well, I hope it does not change my mind because as always, there is a limit in everything. Just don't push it.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

PapaJoneh.com down again!

I have been notified by handphone sms that my main domain at Little Knowledge Blog is down again at this moment. My watch at 4:40pm October 4th 2007.

Interesting indeed. I wonder why this happening quite often now? Anyone care to answer?