Saturday, May 26, 2007

my son's Josh 3 years old birthday

Yes today as at May 26th 2007 - Josh Luke Joneh is a 3 years old hyper active fire breathing boy. Born in the year of the monkey according to the chinese calender and I really believe the years suits him well. Hahaha.

Nevertheless, he is our happy cheerful as I wish him to be. For the record, he can play the PC counterstrike game by himself. Yes, he use the W,A,S,D keys together with the E, T and Q. He likes to be the bad guy.. so he always choose the Terrorist and he like machine guns a lot. So, the normal choice is the AK47 and also the double pistol. Did I mention he likes to shoot at his friends too. Hahaha.

OK, that is just a short story of him. Will update again if I remember. LOL.

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