Friday, August 10, 2007

I am a Papa for twin boys!

*This is a back dated post*

Just wanna make it official here that on this date, my wife had delivered two baby boys for us. It was a normal delivery, Thank GOD for that. Twin 1 delivered at 6:47am while the Twin 2 delivered at around 7:28am. Guess what, there are identical twins and both weighted at 2.3kg!!

NO name yet at this moment. It is not supposed to come out yet. The due date was supposed to be on Sept 26th 2007.

So we were not prepared. Luckily I prepared the money like since last month. Big amount you know. I am just a "kuli bawah tanah", the whole delivery already cost me 3 months salary. Fainted for a while there. :D

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