Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What a long holiday!

I thought I'm dead already. I know my main blog is dead. DEAD FROM MY ACCESS!!! I am not sure why I cannot access them since I can access this blogspot and my other blogs. I know one thing, they are of different server, different location. Sadly, main ones are the one I cannot access. This is so frustrating.


CJane said...

Happened to me when I was back in Kunak too! I could access to my Blogger account but NOT my main ones! Grrr.. tak tau lah kenapa tu! >.<

Nessa said...

What!! Again? Tukar server la (eh, buli ka?)

Well, at least this one can still be accessed kan :)

JPP Papa said...

So panas now. Off day today thought can do lot of things.

Yep.. this is more reliable pulak. I already tukar so many server. I got fed up at this very moment.