Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A papa wish.

I know blog, I have abandoned you for a very long time. So sorry about that..but you have to understand dear blog, I did not do it purposely. Ever since I became papa to 3 lovely boys, Josh, Preston and Presley, I hardly have time to visit you, what more to update you but I will do my best, dear blog, to visit and update you more often.

Oh did I tell you all about my twins who turns one year old recently? I didn't? Gossh, how forgetful am I? and worst to forget such a wonderful news right? Gees! Anyway, the twins, Preston and Preston turn to one year old two weeks ago and we celebrated their birthday amongst family and close friends only. Wish we can celebrate it with you all but because of $$$$ and time not permitted, we celebrate in a very simple way :)

The twins got very limited gifts that day..maybe family and friends think they are too young for toys coz most of them or should I say, all of them give $$$ to the twins. Hmm, better still, I can use that money to buy them something useful such as stroller. Yes, that's it! I badly need one at the moment. Having one like the picture below will definitely make my life easier whenever we go out, but finding one is not easy :(

Been to so many shops here, I still can't find one that suits my twins needs. I wish in the near future, someone will take the initiative to cater the needs for parents who desperately need lightweight stroller, mobile car seats for babies and toddlers etc etc etc. I wish someone will do it and hope it is very soon :)

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Ethel said...

Kesian kau blog... si PapaJ mu lama sudah ndak update ko. :P