Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Frustrated Again!

Ya.. really frustrating I can't fully access my admin. When I do, to upload picture is like forever. Man, this is not good.

What should I do? If anyone care to comment or advice me, please do leave a comment. I am talking at my main blog at

Frust. Really upset now. :(


LEon said...

I don't really know what actually happen but you may want to use photobucket to upload your picture than link it to your blog or some website.

hope it helps.

Ethel said...

Sorry to hear that, Papa. Betul bah, sometimes this paid hosting also still menyusahkan diri. Bulih kena heart attack mai sometimes! :P

Hopefully it's settled by now for you. :D

JPP Papa said...

LEon, hehehe.. thanks for the advice. That I know but that is not the problem. The problem is you need to access the admin aka dashboard in the wordpress and access the add new post and add the link... the problem is, I cant even see the admin page. But of coz, this is in wordpress paid hosting.
Thanks for the tip and dropping by here, though. :)

Ethel - Nasib you come here and commented. If not, this blog will be ignored again. Hahaha.