Thursday, December 13, 2007

What is favorite Football Team?

I am talking about the European Football Team and not the USA Football Team. They call it Soccer. Their football is the Rugby for us. Anyway, the question is, do you have any favourite team? Yes, if you noticed, I use the UK spelling there simply because I was taught the UK style. Whatever it is, I still no shit about the proper English usage. :D

Before you say what is your favourite team let me start first, I am a hardcore Liverpool fan. Yes, the Rafa Benitez team. The team that got the magic but sometimes came out with unpredictable result. That is why I love them. Hey, Liverpool just blasted Marseille 4-0 you know. In fact, Liverpool is the only team that has the most goal scoring compares to the rest of the team around Europe in the UEFA Cup. You will never walk alone, Liverpool. I am always there.

There said and done. Either you are with me or not, for goodness sake, it is just football. Nevertheless, never ever mess with me about my team. So, what is the question again? I forgive you if you say Brazil because I love them too :D

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