Saturday, March 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Mama and Sister Flo!

Yeah, today is quite special because today 1st March 2008 is a birthday to my Mommy aka Mama aka Ibu AND ALSO my younger sweet sister Flora. Yeah, they both born at the same date except the year of course. Hahaha. Pandai juga Mama saya ya. Hahaha.

So semoga panjang umur, long live my mother who is now already 65 years old and my sister who is already hmm .... how old ah? Wait ... hmmm ... 35 yrs old!!! Waaahhhh. I have a younger sister who is no longer young?? Hahahaha. Don't get mad sis. I love you still. Hahaha.

Oklah, since no picture of them with cake, I just take this cake from the above address. For the coolest people in my life other than my wife of course ;) Here two cakes on top of each other. Love you two and Happy Birthday. Hooraaayyy ... nanti belanja saya ok Sis :P


CJane said...

Happy Birthday PapaJ's mom!! :D YAY!

Panjang umurmu,
Panjang umurmu,
Panjang umurmu serta mulia,
Serta muliiiiiia,
Serta muliaaaaa!

*hee* I heard that song from somewhere during my school time years ago. :D

Nessa said...

Happy birthday to your Mama and your sister :) Many happy returns!