Monday, March 3, 2008

Morning Story!

OK, I got excited today even though I'm in the office. I started well by doing the previous review of which I don't know where that motivation came from. I know one thing for sure, my mother's and sister's birthday really gave me the boost to talk more about the beauty of being alive.

Alive in a sense that I can still smile, do the boss's assignments, Monday what do you expect from a working Papa here; And still be able to do a little bit of Internet money. Please advertisers, choose my blog for great reviews. My English is not that good but I can honestly say, I try my best and I do give positive comment. Anything not good I will only keep it to myself, how's that? :D

OK, enough of that. Boss call and I need to stop this blogging thing till, hmm.. the next hour only. Haha.


happy said...

thanks for dropping by my site, as requested. :)

i hope you could come back.. :)

JPP Papa said...

happy .. sorry for the long overdue reply. No problem I will come back for more :D