Thursday, February 5, 2009

I like it when I'm not known!

Hehehe. The title above a little bit twisted. You know me, I am not an English spoken person. All like "rojak buah". Now, go google that if you are not familiar with Malay language.

Actually I am quite happy that this blogspot is not known to many. I know Ethel knows it which is ok because she keeps silence only. Furthermore, my profile as jpp papa is not visible or open to public.

So to those who somehow figure it out that this is truly my hiding place, a place where i can just throw everything, welcome and thanks in advance for not telling others. I want to be in the dark about this blog.

I know, i know. The blog name is not that hidden anyway but.. hey, so far, i have not seen any blogger soul in this blog and commented. So I guess it is really in the dark - GOOOOD!

Bah, itu saja hari ni and silap2, the whole month of February won't be any new news ... or till my own dot com down again. Hahaha.


Ethel said...

I like it that not many people know of my blogspot blog too. And I'd like to keep it that way, because I could talk freely there! :D

Keep this one free lah. No need to get a dot com for it. You can keep this blog's existence FOREVER, for your future grand children to read. Just like how I did mine. That free blog was setup for my future kids and grandkids etc to see someday. Hahaha!

JPP Papa said...

yep... this will be continued maintained till further notice.

this one will surely be free, but u talking the dot com.. well, it is already there, remember hahahahaha.