Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Working alone again!

Yep.. another post another thing to record here.
Chinese New Year 2009 already passed. The OX is in the house and we all still working very hard for other people.

Like right now, I am working all alone in this very cold 19 Degree Celcius room with two 3 horsepower air conditioners blowing right at me and around and this computer dept room not even big. Imagine that cold.

I have answer all the calls and meaning going to the toilet is 100 meter dash. Yes, have to fast. If the telephone ringing more than 3 to 4 times, than Ill be in trouble from the high above man. I hate this work but what to do.. still working under someone else. :P

AAahhhhh... thats all for today!


Ethel said...

Aww... you poor thing, you had to work even on weekends on public holidays. Kesian MamaJ. :(

My Bunny had to work full day on Saturdays tau.. sakit hati aku!

Anonymous said...

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