Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Christmas mood!

Kekeke... check my modified header.. it is that Christmas mood again. I never been a creative person. I just paste all the Christmas icons there. I wish I have the slightest skill like Cindy has.. but oh well, nevermind. I know I have that mood now and I really can't wait for the Christmas to come. I know we going to enjoy it and Celeberate even better than last year. Simply because my twins will be there and I am sure going to take lots of picture.

Now, if I can wish for snow on that time.. it would be nice. Thanks Lord. Amen.


Fridaycat said...

Double the joy for you this Christmas!

PapaJoneh said...

Thanks there Mel ;)
Lama ndak nampak kau..

Anonymous said...

lalalalal papaj..cute pula kau ni ngan topi christmas ar? LOL!!

CJane said...

Ooooo new header. So cute!! I only realised it today! :P :P