Tuesday, September 25, 2007

No time to have to make time for it!

I noticed mybloglog they're people coming or landed in this blogspot but no single comment coming all of you. Hmm, interesting findings. Well I guess there is nothing much to comment here anyway. Hahaha, so I forgive you all [I remember your face ;) ].

Anyway, just came back from Alliance Bank Kolombong to deposit my Google Adsense income. It actually arrived on my twin's first full moon aka 1 month old. Not much but enough to pay my car's monthly repayment.

Other than the boring Kolombong Giant food court which i took my late lunch, I can only tell you about my trip went back office. It is one damn big traffic jam and it was only at around 3pm. I promised myself never to go out at around this hour anymore. So blardy jam packed and my fuel indicator already warned me, "Fill me up! Fill me up!".

During the time when I passed the new City Mall, which has the Giant supermarket there too, I saw this Y-Fitness Kota Kinabalu big banner, let me correct that, MEGA BANNER spread the whole left side of the building. It immediately reminded me of my friend Mel. Now she's the head here. you can check her new blog here. The Kadazan Bonita. I knew there must be something about this banner that caught my eyes other than reminding of Mel and Daniel, but I just could not make it what.. coz the traffic is moving and i heard few horns at the back. Hahaha, I have been holding traffic without realizing it. Hahaha.

Anyway, back in the office, immediately open my Little knowledge site admin, boom, I noticed at the top most the coming-in links. Y-Fitness Kota Kinabalu (City Mall) is hiring!

Go ahead check it out. Daniel aka Gallivanter has the full scoop what is happening at Y-Fitness. Or you can also, of course go to the main person in charge, Mel lah siapa lagi kan. Click here.

So there, my day in the office. Oh ya, if you are not in Adsense yet, aduh you rugi besar(you're missing big opportunity here). The link is at my sidebar - on your right, under the making money column. If I can, sure you can too. :D


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