Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday TYT Birthday and I am working!

What is this? It is supposed to be a holiday, it is a Sunday after all and what more it is the Tuan Yang Terutama, Sabah TYT's birthday today. Don't ask me how he is, I just know I am working now.

the shift will be till 8pm. Marah pun tidak guna. Just smile and be happy. At least the day not as bad as the "P license driver" like in my other domain, Working on Sabah TYT's Birthday! post. Hahaha. If I think back his situation, my working day on Sunday definitely not as bad as his.

But, my punctured tire do cost me a lot though. End up I have to change the whole 4 tires and costing cool RM780 !!!!

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