Sunday, September 23, 2007

What do you do in the office, working ah?

I do not know about you all but when I am in the office like yesterday and today Sunday, I usually can catch up with the blog updating, blog hopping and most of all my blog paid posting. I am not saying I am not working. I do work in the office. It is just the nature of my work does give me the chance to do all the above. At home, no chance - busier than in the office. However, that kind of busy, I love to do it even though no salary involved. I just love be with my family.

Somehow and sometimes if not always, money do come into the whole picture. I love my family but being in the office do give me an advantage to 'gather' more money through Internet. Like yesterday, Saturday, I did a paid posting marathon. If I not mistaken, I did like 5 or 6 sponsored post non-stop since morning. Only stop when wife call to have lunch together. Even that, I have like 1 post saved as draft. All thanks to Huisia, my fellow Sabahan blogger, whom keep reminding me there are a few opportunities available for grab. Thanks Huisia. :D

Actually If I have just enough time to do this seriously, I probably can make a living just sitting in front of my laptop and most definitely the income is more than what I'm getting currently from the office work. If only I dare enough. It needs constant discipline and real concentration. Now, for the time being, since baby twins are still small at only 1 month of full moon plus plus, I can only do this part time. they need more my time than ever. Sometimes wife said, "I take care of them, you just do your work." Only then I open my laptop and start doing the making money process.

So far, the main contributor to my internet income is:

1. Google Adsense income
2. Payu2blog
3. PPP
4. Smorty
5. Blogsvertise
6. Blogtoprofit - which has no more opp for me.
7. Bloggerwave

I have signed more than this but I just have no time to do it. Like the recent LoudLaunch. They have some nice offer with nice payout but as usual, no time from me. Like working on Sunday, Like today. Either I catch up all the offer or got tired from last night taking care the babies, I end up, taking a nap or just blog hopping.

So that's what working on Sunday or weekend all about.


Sasha said...

wei bloggerwave CHAP LAP EDI la!!
i got another way u can earn100 bucks per blog u want?

Sasha said...

and u forgot u can writew for creamaid too

PapaJoneh said...

Hahaha.. I know bloggerwave whatever chap lap u mean, already. I just listed the money co. I got from. I got more than 10 companies signed up but I only do top 5 of the above. Where got time.. no time at all.

So where's the link... come on give me straight in the msgr or here :D

Aryst said...

Baru sa tau ada pulak blogspot ko. Anyway, just dropping by to see and read a few of your post. I currently just doing reviews for smorty and reviewme. No time to do for the others. Busy ba kalo org cari makan di kjaan ni. Btw, how do you cash out your online income? Using a particular online card? I, also have 2 blogspot which I seldom update: and

keeyit said...

What I am doing at work ? I really working one.. But multitasking la.. hehe

PapaJoneh said...

Aryst: thanks for dropping a comment here. This is just another blog from the main one. You knowlah sometimes I want to say something really important just for my own record, ther server down pulak.. which is a very seldom thing to happen. So, I might as well give new breath to this poor blogspot. :D You have very interesting blog there.

Keeyit: Thanks for dropping a comment here too. Really working ah? Good for you and your Boss also lah. :D