Saturday, September 29, 2007

Today Off day! | Family Time!

Today off day. Just a quick one. Family time as always. Can't wait to start the day. Actually already started but they all still sleeping. So me as so boring coz already woke up, I decided to go Pasar Lido and buy breakfast.

Petang nanti if wife says ok, will start my RC nitro and play with Josh. Long time didn't do this. Can't can't wait :D

Ok, till next free time. Oh ya, to those missed it, got one opp at big $15. I got it :D

Cya all.


azrin said...

Smorty don't give anything over $7 to BLOGSPOT lah PAPA.... just to let you know..the requirements of advertiser.

Best regards


PapaJoneh said...

Thanks for dropping by Azrin. Thanks for the info... hehehe.. obviously the offer is not for blogspot.. but on my other blogs ;)