Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Papajoneh.com server is down with bad Flu!

Just for the record, today Tuesday, marks the first time my 3 domains down with very bad flu. It has been down since last night. The cause is explainable but very hard to rectify. I said hard because it is still down up to now.

To those who are looking for me in the http://www.papajoneh.com or at my hobby blog RC Nitro Offroad, well sorry. That is all I can say. I hope my server is up and I can continue doing what I like most, UPDATING THE BLOGS!!!

Today is my off day from work, so I guess I just shutdown and watch ASTRO. :(

Thanks for dropping by by forgotten blogspot!


maslight said...

*pray..hope papa's site be fine soon T_T

PapaJoneh said...

aikkk.. ada juga kau disini Mas.. thanks :)