Friday, January 18, 2008

Oh my! I am stil blog hopping!

Man I am still doing my duty blog hopping here and there. It already took me 2 days of my office time just to do this. I hope I have not missed anyone in my list.

Some I already visited but cannot comment, that is sad. Some really new like new theme, new people behind it and some like gone! I got like hundreds linking to me and I still feel guilty if I have not visited even once to them. I am sure this blog is not visited by some of them but that I do not care. I just wanna do myself a favor to clear all the bad feelings, bad karma whatever the negative feeling inside of me.

If you happened to be here reading this and wish I visit you or even ask for a link, please do so. I am a very .. well 'tend' to forget things easily. Seriously. So I need some kind of reminding once in a while. My wife talked about it and I guess that is so true. :D

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