Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Belum Puas lagi?

Belum puas lagi? Do you know what it means? It means, in my simple, day-to-day local dialect English translation is, "Are you not satisfied yet?"

Why I said like that? Well, if you scan all the way down here, you can see either I have been playing online casinos, blog hopping hundreds of blog in three days non-stop or just plain no idea of what kind of posting I made here. One thing for sure, I am making money on every post I made. No harm doing that right? We all need money and money is no evil when comes to feeding your hungry family. If you still single, be proud that you can eat all your money, all by yourself. Enjoy them while you can. I have been there, done all that but you know what, I love being where I am now - being the family man. Being the Papa to my three kids and try-to-be good husband to my lovely wife.

So what is the topic all about? Well, dah puas cari makan di Internet kah ndak? The answer is of course NOT. Big NOT!! I tell you this one secret, my target this year I am going to make a $2,000 a month just from blogging! Nice amount lerrr. Do you think I can reach that in one month? Can I?

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