Saturday, January 5, 2008

Blog almost Dead!

Yeah this blog is almost dead. Dead like even the owner also never com here. hahaha. What to do, so many blogs to mantain and all of them crying for the owner assistant. So for you blogspot, always have to queue right at the end. Wanna complain? Better not if you want to keep surviving in the Internet.

Hahahaha. Takuuut. bah, relax kau ah. Owner pi jalan-jalan (walk-walk) to others' blog first.

To Nessa, still cannot access my main blog kah? Aiiyoooohhh. Never mindlah. Just wanna wish you Happy New year and of course to everyone here too. May all wishes came true and new one fulfilled. :D

Tata for now.


Nessa said...

Belum buli access your main blog la... sia pun lupa suda how it looks like :(

Nasib baik you got Blogspot, bah kasi rajin2 gia update... hehe

PapaJoneh said...

Alamak.. I almost terforget about you Nessa.
Why lah you the only one cannot access my blog.. isk isk isk. Sedih sedih.
Ok will update this blogspot ASAP for you my friend.

The story behind th emain blog now is actually, is in blog vacation days. I took 2 days off to be with my wife and kids and so the blog is off too. :D

Got new header. nice one lerr ;)