Sunday, January 20, 2008

Is today Sunday?

Is today Sunday? Are you sure? How come I'm not working? I usually working on Sunday but why today I am not? Sure or not?

There first paragraph of being confused not working on Sunday. Even my wife and elder son could not believe I was still on the table doing my RC stuff when it was already 9AM. Well, yes. I used to be working on Sunday. In fact, every Sunday of the month. Don't you just hate it? I hate but what to do. I am still NOT a problogger yet. Still working for someone's else road to richness.

It is different though today. Today is my off day. Real shift off day. So other than trying to make myself useful at home, I also have to take this opportunity to make money online. Yes Sunday or not, still considered working day for me. Working for money, but my own money and I do NOT even have to wear any clothes or neck tie doing this. In fact I can just bring my trusted WIFI laptop and my no sugar coffee and do this in the comfort of my toilet! Now, that is what I call luxury!

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