Friday, January 18, 2008

How to behave when you are old already?

How to behave when you are older already? Well, this is the thing that keep popping up inside my tiny head. I am not old yet. I am still under the age of 40 where all the men are MEN. However, my brain does not seem to agree with me in this matter. Why? well, I tend to forget things easily now. Yes I do.

So, if I ever promise you anything, you better remind me again. It is not that intentionally forget about it but it is just I forgot. I keep reminding my wife that please take care of me when I am old and ugly later on. Hahaha. Pathetic, I know. On the other hand, I will be like that sooner or later so might as well tell my wife earlier while I still remember. Hahaha.

See, even my father at the age of near 80 still can remember things better than me. I guess when the time comes, I am more in use for the nursing home than my father! Hahaha. You see, this better caring dot com place is pretty cool indeed. Let say if I have to stay here, I believe they will take care of me pretty nicely. As it claimed it can cater for our own specific needs and they do it with love. Wahhh, I feel my retirement is guaranteed heaven here. Well to be honest, I hope my wife will not send me anyway and that she herself will take care of me. However, if under certain situation that I am really that stubborn and painful to take care of, I may probably suggest my wife just to send me here. Hahaha. Why not right?

So, if you happen to in the same shoe, or probably in this age, ask your wife or husband or your children to check this Better Caring Dot Com site. They have enough information, such as daily care news and tips from the expert. Even if you are not registering, you are well ensured that you got better info here than elsewhere. :D

So peace to all, enjoy your life to the fullest.

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