Monday, October 22, 2007

Sunday - Babies Pre Baptism Meeting

I supposed to be working on Sunday but since we have to attend the Pre Babies Baptism meeting at 2:30pm, I decided to apply a leave. Imagine, when everyone is having their normal sunday relax with their family, I usually at work.. getting someone richer. What a life!

Anyway, the meeting should start at 2:30pm but as always in everything, never on time one. We started on 3pm and end just before 5pm. Man, those 2 hours is really a torture. Well, not in that sense of coz. I mean listening to the lecture on what is baptism, why, responsibilities and the whole process of doing it for your babies... can really tiring you know. However, despite of my lack of concentration, I did bring back some useful information. I know one thing for sure, the job of the Godfather is not easy. The other thing is again, we have to make sure that we are not confused to which one is Preston and which one is Presley when the time comes to bless with water and blessed oil.

I just can't wait actually. The real sacrament is on 28th Oct.

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