Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday report

Not as same as yesterday Saturday, today is really stay at home day for us all. We took our time out from the master bedroom. Kids still were asleep at around 7am. Wife decided to wake up early. Time for laundry she said. As for me, well, I seldom wake up late on Sunday because I alway work on weekend. Usually, only wife knows I go to work, the kids were still on their dreams. But today is different. I applied leave for the day.

Let me cut it short, Josh took his bath with me, twins nicely bathed too. We had our breakfast. yeah, I went out to nearby restaurants and ordered some cool mee with fried slice chicken chop. Laundry done, Kids done - Josh playing computer and twins sleep with smiles on their faces.. a bit saliva there too ;) Wife took her bath and happily said to me, ok now you are free!

I said, O'rite. so what I did, of coz, I go to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for my mom on the 6th floor. My mom is sick remember :P I am not a hospital guy, meaning I hate going there. If I'm sick, I rather stay at home.

Anyway, at around 1pm I finally see my mom. She is so thin but still produces smile as she always do to me. I hugged her like I never hug her before. I really missed her. My brothers there, SIL (sister-in-law) cleaning my mom, combed and tied her hair. She looks ok. The sad part is, she is still under the order not to eat any hard food.. or any type of food except from the drip they attached onto her hand. Kesian. She stable for now. Still waiting for the 48 hours to end as instructed by the specialist, Dr. kana. Hope she does not need any operation.

OK, I think that's all i can say for now.. I leaved her with a smile knowing she is feeling better. Damn it, I have to work at night time so my visit cut short. :(

will report again tomorrow.

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