Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Blog Summary for today

Well, still on monday but what a monday it was. Of coz I hate monday simply it asks me to go to work when I supposed to be with my twins and Josh and wife. Well, wife cannotlah.. she's working too.

Anyway, today is quite special because I see my mommy friend, sasha on TV. yes, she was on TV3 on the "Wanita Hari Ini" show at 12pm to 1pm. It was about bloggers mom. Pretty cool exposure. I am so proud to have known a few of them. They were Shannon, chinnee and one new blogger mom, can't remember her name but Sasha told me, she's her ex colleague wife... something like that lah. JD(Jayden) also there. JD is the son of Sasha. He was so matured there in the TV. So kuai kuai one. Chut chut less some more. :D

Guess what? I got it in video - the show. Hahaha. It was so long that my poor camera keep beeping me, no more memory inside memory stick. Now, after I delete some of my babies shots (which already copied to the laptop), the camera still beeping. Now it says "low battery". Aiiyyyaaaahh...
luckily it stopped at the right time, just after the host said thank you to Sasha and the gang. Phhewww..

Will post the video after uploading to youtube. If I got time to edit it. It flickers badly. yalorr... i took the video in front of the tv..

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