Saturday, October 6, 2007

Not again! server down!

I am about to go out from my stressful life and into the light of blogging. I thought I can start fresh today. I miss blogging. I miss rambling. I miss my blog friends. I thought I want to update things up at my Little Knowledge blog.. well what do you know; IT IS DOWN at 4:25pm and it reflects every addon domain I have there. That includes my most profitable blog at RC Nitro Offroad Truggy site!

What do you think? I am beginning to doubt my present hosting due to this frequent server down. I love the hosting because it always produce the fastest and it never fails to deliver what it promised. 99% uptime.

Whatever it is.... this Hideout blogspot is alive because of my poor little knowledge blog always down. I have to make this blog alive and have to make it as my money making slave. Imagine how much I lose from the google traffic if my main server always down.. especially on the RC Nitro Offroad Truggy blog.

Till then, I hope the problem is a temporary one because i love the hosting service. Nothing so far beats the service they provided to me all this while. I owe the hosting much... well, I hope it does not change my mind because as always, there is a limit in everything. Just don't push it.

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