Monday, October 29, 2007

I'm a forgetful Papa!

My hand phone rings as soon as I reached the office this morning. When I looked at the clip, it shows my beloved wife’s office no. Smiling, I picked up the phone. In my heart, she must be missing me already. I just dropped her off at her office like 10 minutes ago.

Gee I thought she called because she missed me but no, she called just to remind me regarding my father’s car insurance which is going to expire soon. You guys must be wondering why does my wife need to remind me and why do I need to be reminded, if that ever come across your mind. Simple, I FORGOT to renew my father’s car insurance last year.

So in order not to have the history repeated again, she has been reminding now and again. So that’s what I am going to do today. I got to call my insurance agent but wait; i think I better check out other options if I can get other Auto Insurance Plans that offers better than the existing now. I need a Better Car Insurance Rates as I feel I pay a bit expensive for my father’s kancil. I am looking for Insurance Cheapest Premium Companies. Yeah, I think I had better start doing it before I get another phone call from my wife. ;-)


Nessa said...

Aww... how loving Mr & Mrs PapaJoneh. Keep it up!

Sia suka ko punya label ni..'pasal usin'

PapaJoneh said...

Thanks :)

kekeke, entah the sponsor pahamkah ndak apa tu "pasal usin"???


nisha said...

you have a very loving family.. i had an awesome time reading your blog and will keep visiting:)

please take a visit to my blog too, ill be more than happy to have you on my blog:)