Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Oh dear, another honeymoon postponed!

I have planned to bring my wife for a holiday for every long time already but till to date, I still haven’t done so. When we were just got married, I planned to bring her for our honey moon but delayed. Just when I thought the timing is right, she got pregnant with our first child and we postponed again. But I promise myself that I will definitely bring her to visit the places that she long to go.

I know one place that she really wanted to go. She really wanted to go Spain. Why? Because years back she got hooked with this Taiwanese drama series Meteor Garden. If not mistaken, some of the drama was taken in Barcelona, Spain. She falls in love with the place after she watched the drama.

I don’t know when can I fulfill her dreams but in the mean time I will ask her to check all the necessary information especially where to get the cheaper hotels in Spain, like the Hesperia Lucentum Hotel, priced only at EU57, that is around MYR274. A four stars hotel that considered as cheap hotel already. On the hand, I love going to Spain simply because the Liverpool current coach Rafa Benitez is from Spain too. Ha-ha.

What about the hotels in Barcelona and hotels in Madrid? Yea I know she’s crazy about Barcelona but hey if I be able to bring her to those places mentioned above consider a bonus for her right. So wife, be ready with all the information. Who knows we will be going there next year ;-)


Deana E said...

you are not the only one who has postponed your honeymoon. i am lucky, i went twice, bali and year after, india..when you kids are grown up, you can still bring your wife to spain bah..

Michael said...

Thanks for interesting blog and useful information. I'm going to visit Spain. It is my dream. I already bought tickets and now choosing accommodation from many Barcelona hotels . I want to find something close to beach or in historical center.
That's why I'm interesting in everything about Barcelona and Spain.