Thursday, November 8, 2007

Working on Public Holiday AGAIN!

I hate working on Public Holiday!

Yes, I am typing to show my frustration that I am working again on supposed to be family day time but I am working AGAIN on public holiday, The Happy Deepavali Day!

Nothing against the Deepavali and the people who celebrate it, that I have to say frankly here. It is just the timing is wrong again.

I have to leave my family while they still sleeping back home when I supposed to be with them. This is the problem when you still living on paycheck by paycheck under someone's business. I know, what to do, "cari makan" mah right. Ya lah. For now, I just have to go to work. I treat it with heavy feeling that I have to go to work to support my family.

I have to think positively if not I die hating myself. The motivation to quit my job and spend more time with my family is piling up. The more reason I HAVE TO DO LOTS OF PAID POSTING FOR THE BENEFIT OF MY FAMILY.

May GOD give me strength to achieve this retirement to be with my family with fully self sustained income for my family sooner than expected. Amen.


Nessa said...

Bah, same here la PJ. I mean by doing loads of paid postings. You know la time2 back-to-school next year. Sakit kapla fikir the fees:(

Lagi Christmas mau beli hadiah... ayoyo!!

PapaJoneh said...

Hehe.. thanks Nessa for always coming back here. Yeah, with the coming of the Christmas season, we just need to step up the posting. Hope everything goes as plan. :)