Saturday, November 3, 2007

Special Day anyone?

Hahaha, this is an overdue posting for a very special day. My special day actually. My Birthday on All Saints Day. That is on 1st November.

The day started with The sleepy stress exercise and what next thought to be a bad day where my mom went for the colonoscopy procedure. The morning started in the hospital and taken half day of boring moment.

Nevertheless, it was a good day for me. Spent the other half going out with wife and Josh only. Yea, just the three of us. This is a long forgotten moment especially after the Twins arrived. We sent the twins to our auntie and took off to a nearby Damai for Josh Photograph shots. It was not an easy task for the photographer... if you know Josh, you know what I mean. He never sit or stand still. He always on the move one. After some multiple quick shots, we managed to get him photographed. Phewww what a day.

More later ok. I promise.

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Nessa said...

Happy belated birthday PapaJoneh! May all your dreams come through:)