Thursday, November 22, 2007

Just that feeling inside me

Ever since my main blog been downranked by the BigG, I found that I'm getting busier than ever. The opportunity is definitely not getting lower, in fact, is more than I can chew. No complain there actually.

With the new RealRank system introduced by the three Ps, I think the future of making money from this Three P's company is brighter than ever. Even with a mere $5 but if you can grab them 3 offers, not bad at all. Combine with other making money companies out there.. it should be enough. In fact, if you're consistent, the payout is more than your day-to-day payday job salary.

However, it is no easy ride. You got to stay up, stay online till late or wake up early to get the better payout opp / task / assignments. That is exactly how I did it. Of course, all this time, in between helping my wife taking care the kids and feeding them milk.

So just imagine, with all those things needed... I said needed, I definitely have no time for a sleep. To be honest, sometimes I fall asleep on my laptop.. and it is still online and still holding the task. Waiting for my post. Hahaha.


Nessa said...

I love Smorty but you'd better be up by 6.00am to get the opps. And they pay real fast kan:D

I don't see any opps. ever since P3 changed to RealRank. Oh well, at least got Smorty and Blogsvertise to go to:)

Anonymous said...

Yeah smorty is the best. They pay well too.

Today I'm sick and thought of checking this blogspot and some emails too. Ok.. got to take my rest again. Thanks Nessa for dropping by. :)

ishak said...

Never been use any three P's or any other pay per post programme.. But what I've seen, they really making lots of money out of this programme.
How do you think I would go if I signup one account ha? u the expert..

p/s : Peewitt.. bulih tahan la your header!