Saturday, November 10, 2007

Google hit my main domain!

I don't know about this Google thing. I just don't understand that they keep down ranking others blog without telling why. If they said I'm on text link ad.. Well, never alright. I just do not understand how they judge the ranking. If doing paid posting is against their criteria of proper PR4 that they have been given to my Little Knowledge for so long... well please tell us so. You might as well, down rank all the paid posting company. Do you google? No! It is just unfair.

Honestly, I care about my PR because it affected my paid posting payout amount. But do I stop blogging for money? Hell no! There are many choices I can go to that need no PR qualification. However, it is still annoying that you give and you take and then you give again. Must be something wrong in your system. Some genius hacker got into the system and play the mess out of us all.

And what a timing! You did it on my twins 3 months old day! Nice!

1 comment:

Nessa said...

Sabar PapaJoneh! I can feel your anger from here:)

Hopefully they'll reinstate your old ranking. It's not fair kan... oh well, just continue doing those good old paid postings.

Happy 3 months birthday to your twins!:)