Thursday, November 8, 2007

Bad luck or suei, you name it lah!

Last night must be my bad luck . I accidentally thrown the hot water flask onto my right leg. the damn busket handle holding two of the hot water flasks slipped from my hand and directly one of the china made flask fell on straight on my right leg and guess what.. broke the head off!!

I have no picture of it because my mom who happened to be around immediately thrown it away so my Josh would not step on the bits and pieces of it. I was like jumping , hopping here and there in painful agony. Man, it really hurt. In fact it is still hurt right up to now, as at typing.

It was so hot I thought I lost my leg already. Mom advised to submerge my leg in the basin. So I was like this for half and hour. All this while my son Josh keep asking me, "Papa sakit? (Papa hurt)" I could not even response. All I asked my wife is to get the camera! Ha-ha.

I have a poor camera skill, you probably did not notice that it was actually all red near the toes. The feeling, aiiiyoooohhhhh.. its like thousands of red ants biting me from inside. So damn painful.

Here, my son Josh try to understand what I am doing with my leg inside the cold water. he stayed with me like this for sold 10 minutes. He is such a friend. I love you Josh. Thanks for doing that.

Well, I was like this the whole night with one leg inside the what do you call that, water basin and one leg on the bed. Yes, I sleep at this state for the whole night till morning. Even with that cold water and inside our cold full blast aircon, my right leg is still feeling hot. Yes, I did put the necessary oil to soothe the skin there. So far, I can drive my mother and sister to the airport as posted angrily working on public holiday posting in my main domain.

The feeling of burn is still there and luckily my leg survived. Thank GOD. Please no more of bad luck today. :(


C Jane said...

Kesian.. :(

So how lah the leg now? Boleh taruh kicap and makan oredi ka? :P

Just call me Aunty J said...

Aduiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...sakit tu...ciann palan2 kau sana how are your toes now? Masi merah cam udang?

Nessa said...

Aduiii... sakitnya! So sweet of Josh to accompany his Papa:)