Thursday, November 15, 2007

I'm still alive, you know!

Well, I have been busy. To those readers who frequent my main blog, The Little Knowledge blog, Sorry for no updates. In fact, I have nothing to share after everything gone when I clicked the "publish" button.

When the connection is no good, the idea is also gone with the wind. This month as a starter already no good for me so I intend to do some other projects to keep me busy. Making money online is no longer easy for a guy who depends a lot on the PR. So I have been here and there to look for better opportunity. This also means, no time to update my main blog and of course no time to visit all my friends' blogs. Now that is sad, real sad because I think some of them probably thought I hate them already for not visiting. I just wish you all understand my situation.

I am sad, not feeling well and in the same time really working hard on other things. I need to feed my family by hook or by crook. I have a lot of delayed posting, i just hope all of them can be posted on the main blog when the time comes. I'm sure some of you not even missed me :(

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Nessa said...

Don wori PJ! On behalf of other bloggers (cewah), we understand your predicament.

I'll pray to the Gods of Internet to have mercy on you and restore your main blog. I also want to visit it, lama suda inda dapat visit:(

Don't be sad... go play some more games... hehehe